Become a Guest Tutor on DevLogic

Are you interested in being a guest tutor on DevLogic?  Well, you’re in the right place.

It’s a large ocean of knowledge out there, and we’d be excited to have as many people as possible share their experience and knowledge.

Who are the Guest Tutors?

Guest tutors on DevLogic are passionate individuals willing to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the world via video and text. Accepted tutors are added as Contributors and can go on to record their videos and write about topics that interest them.

Types of encouraged topics

  1. Getting started videos: People usually find it difficult trying out a new tech or tool so videos that can help is highly welcome.
  2. Posts focused on Logic: It’s one thing to know the syntax of a language, it’s another thing to know how to approach a problem or implement a logic with the language. Videos addressing this are very welcome.
  3. How-to Videos: Show everyone how to build something nice.
  4. Code Challenges: Videos that also show people how to solve coding challenges are also welcome.
  5. Be creative. This list isn’t exhaustive so please, there’d definitely be someone out there looking to learn what you’d like to share.

How to Become a Guest Tutor

Please send a mail to acekyd01[at] or hit me up on Twitter.

Guide to creating a great video

  1. When creating your videos, it’s okay not to be perfect. Viewers would also love to experience it first hand in order to relate better with the tutor.
  2. Be audible.
  3. Videos should be recorded in HD. Video recordings can be done with QuickTime or any other screen recording tool.
  4. When writing code, zoom in to your text editor or terminal to make the text as big and clear as possible for the viewers.
  5. Short videos are recommended. If it’s a long topic, try to keep it below 20 minutes.
  6. The current video categories include but not limited to Algorithms, Challenges, Implementation logic, Machine learning, Miscellaneous and Tips & Tricks.
  7. Once done recording a video, please upload video to for final edits and publishing.


Looking forward to having you on the platform!